2012 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

Total Domination

Ninkasi, the Sumerian matron goddess of brewing, has become an inspiration for hard working folk and young intellectuals alike. Said to have prepared the beverage daily, Ninkasi is the goddess known to satisfy desire and sate the heart. Additionally, the Sumerian peoples have also been linked to extraterrestrial life, some experts suggesting that these intelligent life forms visited these ancient peoples impacting their cultures and technology, while others proposing that the Sumerian gods and goddesses themselves were intelligent extraterrestrial beings. Be it the former or the latter, Total Domination intends to pay homage to Ninkasi, this wise and powerful goddess, bringing together the tastes of three geographically distinct brews. With lit candles and fine ale, we shall recite the Hymn of Ninkasi in hopes that her power, in union with the spirits of other Sumerian gods and goddesses alike, shall guide us to victory.

Aimie is an aspiring young academic who has been known to raise a glass in honour of the Goddess Ninkasi on more than one occasion. She currently lives in Seattle, WA where microbrews abound and where there is an undeniable sense of pride in striking the patient balance between malted barley and hops. Aimie has grown to love and respect this art form over some ten years now, having dabbled in it herself on occasion. Much like the rich and aromatic ale of the American Pacific Northwest that she's come to favour, Aimie's approach to this year's competition is intended to be powerful, yet subtle - key qualities of any winning team.

While some might prefer the old black rum, Ann-Marie prefers the new black beer. And also to live for another day of spring. The latter is of course best celebrated with a frosty pint of the incomparable Lentebock and for this reason she adopts an inspired attitude with regards to telekinesis. This is to say that by nurturing a connection made to last, one prepared with care, intended for conscious enjoyment and thus necessarily all the more meaningful, she hopes to influence the powers that be (namely Ninkasi) in her team's favour. It is by having closely studied the magnificent and yet subtle engineering that has shaped the Dutch countryside that she is motivated to influence the ether as perfectly and effectively at game time. Proost!

Born of known parents in 'Malta-réal', Christian's devotion to Ninkasi has enabled him to attain a perfect balance of beeriness and cheeriness. Not one to back down from a challenge when he senses it brewing, he'll knock back a few to strike at the heart of opposition. Despite this competitive drive, he's a team player, always there to help a fellow teammate down a few chalices of Ninkasi's gift to mankind. He has travelled far and wide to sample the best the world has to offer and to mutter his favourite incantation: One more, please.