2009 World Telekinesis Competition

Ministry of Casual Living

Victoria (BC) Canada. May 29 - June 13, 2009

Winners of the 2009 World Telekinesis Competition

Click here for video of the 2009 WTC Final Match

The WORLD TELEKINESIS COMPETITION is a forum for speculative action -- an organized tournament event in which teams from around the world engage in psychic competition to remotely influence the behavior of a candle. Matches are played by lighting a candle at the centre of the official game board, at an agreed-upon time, signaling the beginning of the game. A match lasts for one hour, or until the game candle is extinguished, whichever comes first. The object of the game is to have the wax from the candle drip onto the opposing team's side of the game board. This objective is to be accomplished by remote telekinetic influence. The winning team will be awarded the World Telekinesis Competition trophy, which they will get to keep until next year's competition.