2012 World Telekinesis Competition

Noxious Sector Projects
Seattle, WA
June 7-30, 2012


1. How will the game board be set up in the space?

The official game board has the polar coordinates (north, south, east & west) marked on it. It will be positioned this way in the gallery, using a compass to align to magnetic north. The board will also be set and leveled to ensure fair competition.

2. How is the game board demarcated as to sides? Where is the division? How will we know which side is our side and which side is the opposing teams side? How is that decided?

The game board is divided into quadrants, with quarters of the board assigned to team colors (blue and brown). Each team will be assigned a colour in advance of the match. These designations will be posted on the Competition Schedule.

3. What happens if the candle is extinguished before any wax drips?

The official game board will be in a controlled environment within the gallery. Relighting of a candle prior to wax melting will be at the discretion of the referee of that specific match.

4. What happens if wax is dripped on both sides? How is that measured?

The measurement of the amount of wax in a certain part of the game board is to be determined by an area map -- conducted by the referee at the conclusion of the match.

5. How many referees are there?

There will be at least one official referee for each match.

6. What happens if it is a draw?

If after one hour of competition there has been no distribution of wax, the match will be allowed to continue according to rules of "sudden death". Under these conditions the candle will remain lit until it drips or is extinguished, at which time the wax distribution will be assessed by the referee. In the event of a draw, where it is determined by the referee that there is an equal amount of wax on each competing team's portion of the game board -- or no wax distribution at all -- a re-play of that match will be organized to break the tie.

7. How will the referee's determine if a team is cheating?

The referee's will use their best judgment to follow up any suspicions of unfair game play.