2010 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

Tactical Tape Loop Division
EVP Unit

TTLD members were forced to trudge along the Eurydice Walkway of Shame after two years of psychically despondent results. Eyes down, it was our Thermidor. Our theories of sonic affect over telepathic channels had been proven some what inadequate in the face of the innumerable telepathic tactics of our competitors. We could not even overthrow and influence the Noxious Sector itself to rig the competition in our favour. To this end we turned to studying revolutionary history. How can the Telepathic Directorate overthrow the remaining realms of the Noxious Sector? Such is our aim, and we proudly now bend to the Cult of the Supreme Being, under the new (thoughdead) leadership of Maximilien Robespierre. For when the going gets tough, the tough get weird, and although HunterS. Thompson was unavailable this year (serving as, once again, a Roadman for the Gods of Karma), Robespierre had no current engagements and could muscle his connection with the Supreme Being for something of a coup d'état on the psychic airwaves — or at least, something of an attempt at mild vengeance since the events of 9 Thermidor Year II (in which he lost his head). Without a head (even in Death), Robespierre remains unable to harangue the debasers of Reasonand Virtue with his usual cold eloquence, and sowe have wired his paranormal neck into the tape loop devices from previous attempts at psysonic overthrow and uprising, including our New Secret Weapon, M O R N I N G G L O R Y. Beware, those of you whom do not doubt the possible return of the Cult of the Supreme Being!

Robespierre, the Cult of the Supreme Being & tobias c. van Veen // may 2010


The Cult of the Supreme Being, initiated by Maximilien Robespierre in Prairial Year II, strove to provide a rational deism during the final year of the Reign of Terror (marked by its appeal that TERROR IS THE ORDER OF THE DAY). The Festival of the Supreme Being, held on 20 Prairial YearII, coordinated and ministered by Robespierre and designed by Jacques - Louis David, featured a massive mountain erected on the Field of Reunion (Champs deMars), a top whichs at a large tree representing Liberty, many stories high, and a pedestal that once held a statue of Louis XVI, now crowned by a statue of Hercules. The festival culiminated in Robespierre, armed with the Flame of Truth, descending from the amphitheater and setting light to a monument raised on a circular basin (representing the monster of Atheism). From the ashes of Atheism arose the figure of Wisdom. Albert Speer, bite your nuts off.

Maximilien Robespierre, The Incorruptible (6 May 1758 – 28 July 1794), likes gardening (Reasonably, of course) and waxing eloquent concerning the Virtues of Public Safety. Since the departure of his head, separated by the Razor of Reason, he has once again appealed to the Supreme Being for its return. We have wired up his psycorpse to M O R N I N G  G L O R Y.

[tobias c. van Veen], b. 1978 under the black flag of the sonic arts. After Montréal, now lives in a small West Coast hamlet. Techno-turntablist, writer & artist. Since 1993 he has instigated conceptual and sound-art events, online interventions and radio broadcasts. He has sonic and mix releases on No Type's Brico Lodge and the and/OAR labels. From1993-2000 he was Direktor of the sonic performance Collective [shrumtribe.com]. Co-founder of technoWest.org with Dave Baphomet, controltochaos.ca with DJ FISHEAD and thisistheonlyart.com with artist ssiess. From 2002-2007 Director of UpgradeMTL [upgrademtl.org] and Concept Engineer at the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT.qc.ca]. Currently doctoral candidate in Philosophy & Communication Studies at McGill University. Writes on the philosophy of technology and Afro Futurism – though perpetually distracted by renegade sound systems & turntablepiracy. His latest exhibition, 'espaceSONO:: audio.lab', presented 36 global sound-artists in a uniquely constructed listening environment at the SAT[GALERIE] in Fall 2007. His next publication, an edited volume tentatively titled Afro futurism: Interstellar Transmissions from Remix Culture, is forth coming from Wayne State UP, 2011. He also mixes a mean absynthe martini. [http://fugitive.quadrantcrossing.org/].