2009 World Telekinesis Competition

Ministry of Casual Living

Victoria (BC) Canada. May 29 - June 13, 2009


The following teams have been confirmed for participation in the 2009 World Telekinesis Competition as outlined in the eligibility guidelines and application. Please consult the match schedule for competition details.

3GFU (3 Generations of Folk-Us)

536 Ministers Of The Ladder


Barbarians of the Third Hand

Brain Elevating
Neurotransmissions (B.E.NT.)

Brainal Leakage Dynasty

Center for
Paraspeculative Study

The Church of Electrons

Discriminating Gentlemen's Club
Club des Gentilshommes Avertis

Eternal Ministry of
Art and Jump

London United Psychic Club

Malevenia Analysticians

Mazana Rojo

Les Médiums Littéraires

Monster Psionics League

Team Overmind

Plasmavatar Metaverse TK ®

The Psychic Amateurs

The Pythons: PSI Division

Team Rock Can Roll

Team Rose Quartz

Shim Sham Shimmy Sham Shim
Shammy Shim Sham

Tactical Tape Loop Division

Thinking About Moving

Team Triceratops

Team Team Lucid Redundancy: Dream Shepherds

Unconstrained Growth Into
the Void (Team 1)

Unconstrained Growth Into
the Void (Team 2)