What is it like to be a bat?

Participant: Guadalupe Palma

Q: When you think of bats, what first comes to your mind?

When I think of bats I think about their flight at night. For us humans its pretty difficult to walk in the dark, its amazing that bats hunt and fly around with their senses.

Q: You just spent a period of time imagining what it is like to be a bat. What did you imagine?

During the time I had to think I imagined bats in my point of with any experience of them. My experience being when a bat flew above me during the day time it was a crazy experience to see a bat up close, and other experiences with bats is in the zoo which is a different perspective. Then I imagined myself living as a bat, hanging upside down in a cave then flying in the dark.

Q: During the time you were imagining, were you somewhere?

When I imagined I was in the same place where I saw the bat up close flying above me. Then I imagined a cave, a made up cave.

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