What is it like to be a bat?

Anonymous Participant

Q: When you think of bats, what first comes to your mind?

When I think of bats I think of a flying rodent with big ears and fangs. I usually think about the black night and caves and for me what interests me about bats is they can fly without being a bird or an insect.

Q: You just spent a period of time imagining what it is like to be a bat. What did you imagine?

In my imagination, I imagined myself flying in the woods, going into caves with other bats that were screeching loudly and flying around the cave and the the woods again. I imagined myself being immersed in the darkness most of the time seamlessly flying.

Q: During the time you were imagining, were you somewhere?

Locations I thought about were all dark with the occassional moonlight in caves and the woods.

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