What is it like to be a bat?

Anonymous Participant

Q: When you think of bats, what first comes to your mind?

The bat is upside down and hangs on the tree with its cute sharp teeth. I wonder how I act as a bat while I feel curious.

Q: You just spent a period of time imagining what it is like to be a bat. What did you imagine?

I imagined that I hung upside down on the tree. I can see nothing and there are no other bats around me. I start to watch around through my echo location. I saw a man sit on his parking motorbike alone. I feel curious and I move close to him. He waves his hand. It seems like he didn't like me getting closer. He hit me, and I bit his buns when he stands up and my teeth get stuck on his pants, which I find hard time to move!

Q: During the time you were imagining, were you somewhere?

I hung on the tree in the park. A park where very few people go.

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