What is it like to be a bat?

Participant: Will SaeChao

Q: When you think of bats, what first comes to your mind?

Oddly enough, I thought of the comic book hero Batman, when I thought of bats. A man isolated in a cave, dressed like an animal. I did have a lot of feeling of being upside down.

Q: You just spent a period of time imagining what it is like to be a bat. What did you imagine?

Besides being Batman, a lot of predatory behavior, like finding prey like bugs. I was more isolated in the cave while imagining the night sky. I had the sensation of flying which felt better than eating bugs! Though, even when I was Batman I felt like a predator. A little too aggressive compared to how I normally feel!

Q: During the time you were imagining, were you somewhere?

In a cave mostly. With some feelings about leaving, but not a lot. My task was to hang upside down while some bugs were lurking by.

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