Vulnerable Light

Vulnerable Light is an exhibition that examines how contemporary photography plays with truth and fiction, intimacy and distance, invoking the vulnerability and ineffability of photographic representation. The show features artists Isabelle Hayeur (Montreal) and Jennifer Long (Toronto): Hayeur's large composite landscape images mimic the sweeping tradition of the "natural" landscape. Long's intimate studio portraiture delicately evades the sitter's exact identity and relationship to the photographer. The two artists position images within the meditative spaces where boundaries between fictions and truths are blurred and teased. Curated by Tamsin Clark and Ted Hiebert.

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Vulnerable Light
Open Space Artist Run Centre, Victoria, Canada
October 13 - November 10, 2006

Curated by Tamsin Clark & Ted Hiebert

Featuring the work of Isabelle Hayeur & Jennifer Long

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