In an age where the boundaries between the real and the imaginative are continually subjected to re-evaluation and reformulation, SuperModels attempts to open up the discourse of representation and fantasy to a stage of inquiry in which the fictional takes on the properties of the real and the real assumes a symbolic role in sustaining the imaginary. Between the paradoxical and potentially futile attempts to decipher an authenticity to contemporary living, SuperModels intensifies the debate by presenting a series of works whose primary mandate is to question the collapse of representation and narrative, offering a diversity of positions on the face of the real in an age of proliferating creativity. With work by Chris Gillespie, Toni Hafkenscheid, Duncan MacKenzie and Tim van Wijk.

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Open Space Artist Run Centre, Victoria, Canada
April 7 - May 6, 2006

Curated by Tamsin Clark & Ted Hiebert

Featuring the work of Chris Gillespie, Toni Hafkenscheid, Duncan MacKenzie & Tim van Wijk.

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