Speculative Self-portraits

Speculative Self-portraits is a series of optical and conceptual experiments designed to engage possibilities for different ways of thinking about thinking. In some instances this is as simple as staring at the world with eyes crossed -- in order to realize that it's actually very easy to see the world in more than one way at a time. In other instances, the optical and physiological interventions are more dramatic, involving experiments with anaglyph 3d techniques and explorations of how attaching magnets to our heads might make us think differently. What the projects have in common is an attempt to leverage our ways of thinking against what we actually think about -- holding portraits (and especially self-portraits) accountable to the circumstantial and technical interventions used to give them substance.

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Gidouille (Disorientation exercises)
Performance actions, Magnusson Park, Seattle, WA, November 2017.

Disorientation exercises involve spinning in circles until falling down as a way to embrace the dizzying possibilities of corporeal perception and dislodge regular ways of seeing the world.

Apparatuses for Communicating with Imaginary Friends
Imaginary Friends. Open Space, Victoria, Canada, March 2016.

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Between (more) Magnets
Toxicity. Plug-in Institute of Contemporary Art, Winnipeg, Canada, December 2014. Curated by Melentie Pandilovski and Jennifer Willet.

>> Read the Review:
Lisa Kehler, "Toxicity at Plug In ICA." Akibo, December 10, 2013.

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Cross-eyed Anaglyph Stereograph Mashups
Place PDX, Portland, OR, May 2013
Shift Collaborative Studio, Seattle, WA, January 2012
Gallery 25, Fresno, CA, January 2014

>> Read the Review:
Jenna Lechner, "Northwest Photography: The Same but Different." Daily Serving, May 21, 2013.

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Between Magnets
Noxious Sector Projects, Seattle, WA, September 2012
Stockholm Independent Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden, February 2012
Mercer View Community Center, Seattle, WA, January 2012

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