Shift in Perspective

2012 has been curious year, a year of change and unexpected awareness: ecological shifts with rising water levels and increasing temperatures; political shifts in American and global thinking; mythological shifts in Mayan and native cosmologies. In May of this pivotal year, Shift Collaborative Studio sent out an open call for art on the theme of shifting perspectives. We received a wide array of engaging, thought provoking works, and found an intriguing cluster emerge around the idea of unexpected juxtaposition and destabilization. The resulting exhibition, curated by Shift members Ted Hiebert and Cass Nevada, features the work of three very different but equally engaging artists: Jeff Curtis, Jessica Kreutter and Tyna Ontko.

Shift in Perspective
Shift Collaborative Studio, Seattle, WA
December 6-22, 2012

Curated by Ted Hiebert & Cass Nevada

Featuring the work of Jeff Curtis, Jessica Kreutter and Tyna Ontko

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