Visual Response Projects

The projects included here are image-accumulation projects, in which a simple prompt is given to multiple participants. The individualized response forms the core of the project -- part relational experiment, part creativity challenge. Each participant responds in their own way, within or around the constraints imposed by the project. Most participants are students in classes I teach, offered the opportunity to contribute images to a public display. However, participants are also encouraged to recruit others to contribute as well, which grows the archive and extends the reach of each of these visual response propositions. In each instance, what matters most is the attempt to extend one's frame of conceptualization outside of a usual mode of operation -- something each of these projects is designed to facilitate.

Imaginary Friends

Open Space, Victoria, Canada, March 2016.
University of Washington Bothell, USA, (virtual installation).

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Dreams of Teeth

Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA), Seattle, USA, Jan-April, 2014
Neutral Ground Contemporary Art Forum, Regina, Canada, November 2013
Alternator Contemporary Art, Kelowna, Canada, July 2013.

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Laser Pointer Tag

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Hunting Orange Rabbits

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Psychic Photography v2

Noxious Sector Projects, Seattle, USA, May, 2012

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To Walk a Mirror

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On the Ceiling

UW Bothell Forum for Innovation, February 2012

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