Response Projects

Response Projects are exercises in seeing the world differently, aiming to dislodge our regular ways of looking and in so doing calling on us to reexamine the extent to which we rely on habit and convention in our normal ways of thinking. The exercises take a variety of forms -- sometimes optical or conceptual interventions (like crossing one's eyes or spinning in circles) and other times more socially oriented and participatory forms (like photographing people wearing chairs or tinfoil hats, or by searching for imaginary friends, in all the speculative ways such a process might manifest).

The projects included here are image-accumulation projects, in which individualized responses form the core of the work -- part relational experiment, part creativity challenge. In each instance, what matters most is the attempt to extend one's frame of conceptualization outside of a usual mode of operation -- a disorientation exercise -- something each of these works is designed to facilitate.