Hunting Orange Rabbits

Hunting Orange Rabbits is a visual response project, inspired by the French art critic, Nicolas Bourriaud, who -- in his book Relational Aesthetics -- claims that art is like a shared moment of hallucination. Art, for Bourriaud, is not about representing a reality that already exists, but about making up versions of the real that would not exist without the artist's intervention. What is particularly exciting about this perspective is that it gives each of us free license to imagine and create, provided we're also willing to participate in the imaginary worlds created by others.

Taking Bourriaud's assertion as its starting point, Hunting Orange Rabbits is a creativity challenge, asking participants to find or create an orange rabbit of their own, and to bring this imaginary friend to photographic life. Part metaphor for contemporary art, part exercise in imagining, the project aims to bring the imagination of participants alive in image form, to serve as catalysts for discussions about artistic, creative and photographic practice.