Exercise in Psychic Photography

Exercise in Psychic Photography is a series of recreations of an experiment conducted by Ted Serios in Chicago in the 1960s. Serios claimed he could project mental images from his imagination directly onto a photographic surface. This process is known as 'psychic photography' or 'thoughtography'. The subject of several psychological and psychiatric studies, the case of Serios was never proven, nor disproved. This project chooses to remain ambivalent, engaging with the myth of the Serios images in order to explore the possibility of the seemingly impossible.

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Psychic Photography v.2 (2010-present)
Noxious Sector Projects. Seattle, WA, 2011
with students from the University of Washington Bothell

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Experiments in Psychic Photography

Articule. Montreal, QC, 2001
Three Walls. Chicago, IL, 2001

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