Laser Pointer Tag

Laser Pointer Tag is a visual response project, inspired by the philosopher, Vilém Flusser, who -- in his book Towards a Philosophy of Photography -- suggests that technology has a tendency to over-write human ways of understanding the world. For Flusser, the only appropriate response to this technological context is to attempt to speak back to the systems that code our ways of knowing and behaving, a game of tag in which we are only human to the extent that we can understand how to remix, respond or re-imagine the ways in which technology creates and represents the worlds we inhabit.

Taking Flusser's assertion as its starting point, Laser Pointer Tag is a creativity challenge, asking participants to use camera technology against the camera itself by finding and pointing a laser beam at the camera. Part metaphor for photographic art, part exercise in imagining, the project aims to bring the imagination of participants alive in image form, to serve as catalysts for discussions about artistic, creative and photographic practice.