Experiments with Kirlian Photography

The images included here are part of an ongoing series of explorations of the technique of Kirlian Photography. The Kirlian process involves exposing the photographic subject to a high-voltage, low-current electrical charge. This amplified voltage results in a coronal electric discharge (also called 'bio-field' or 'aura') from the object, which can be documented using large format colour film.

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Random Experiments (2005-09)
Deluge Contemporary Art. Victoria, BC, 2009

Experiments with dog shit, lottery tickets, CDs, beer and body parts

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Kirlian Texts and Maps (2002-04)
Trianon Gallery. Lethbridge, AB, 2002
Concordia University. Montreal, QC, 2002

Experiments with maps and book pages

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Kirlian Fruits and Flowers (2001-03)
York Quay Gallery. Toronto, ON, 2001

Experiments with various fruits, vegetables and flowers

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