Imaginary Friends

There are lots of things that count as imaginary, not just imaginary friends. But too often we are told not to believe in the imagination, as though somehow we would need to prove it was there before anyone might take it seriously. This project takes a different approach, suggesting that our lives are made richer by engaging with the imaginary, and that in fact the imagination already surrounds us everywhere we look. And so, instead of refusing to believe in the imagination, why not make friends with it instead? Imaginary Friends is a visual response project in participants are asked to photograph their imaginary friends. The pictures they take, along with short descriptions of their imaginary friends, are uploaded to an augmented reality (AR) layer which overlays the exhibition site. Viewers are invited to download the AR app and walk through the site to view the imaginary friends captured by participants.


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Contributor Images 2016
Open Space Arts Society & Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

image credit: Sloan Sherman (2016)

Participating Artists

Tegan Barwin, Ali Cairns, Jonas Cienski, Beth Flanders, Faeron Wright-Jones, Oliver M, Bianca McLeod, Leslie Moffat, Holly Partridge, Rodney, Pattarnum Saelee, Sloane Sherman, Isaac Vermette, Fo Wu, Perth Yamasmit, Jasmine Yu, Deborah Alanna, Magda Bielesz, Tony Van Den Boomen, Anna Curtin, Carolyn Doucette, Patrice Gibson, Roy Green, Marilyn Hiebert, Kazmear Johnston, Miklos Legrady, Brenda Petays, Greg Prichard, Merina Rael, Dale Roberts, J. Jill Robinson, Snappy, and Carollyne Yardley

Contributor Images 2015
University of Washington Bothell

image credit: Emina Dodic (2015)

Participating Artists

Ray Culala, Emina Dodic, Emmett Lenihan, Chor Leung, Yamilexy Ramos, Grant Nash, Sandeep Thomas, Neira Tirak, Christy Vang, Jeremy Viray, Mattie Wheeler, Cory Wilmarth, and several anonymous contributors

Contributor Images 2014
University of Washington Bothell

image credit: Marinna Ewing (2014)

Participating Artists

Ian Almacen, Joe Cao, Margaret Chiavetta, Nic Damon, Patrick Dewey, Marinna Ewing, Alex Hayes, Aarshin Karande, Taryn McCormack, Fernan Saulon, Elli Therrien, Bricina Yen, and several anonymous contributors

Contributor Images 2013
University of Washington Bothell

image credit: Grace Fox (2013)

Participating Artists

Summer 2013: Grace Fox, Brad Grantz, Mei Fan Huang, Jessica Jensen, Natasha Kumar, Robin Marsh, Shane Pearson, Cammy Peterson, Changhoon Pyo, Ji-Won Shin, Soochul Song, Michelle Vu, Chak Yeung, and an anonymous contributor

Winter 2013: Danyelle Harp, Heather Hislop, Julia Hodges, Jimmy Huang, Joanne Huang, Christina Joo, Bryan Kim, Aida Lasher, Amen Mengesha, Anette Pettit, Amna Rifat, Sandra Schleinig, Matt Song, Jonathan Stevenson, Hope Stewart, Irene Tseng, David Wagner, Khader Welaye, and several anonymous contributors