2012 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

Universal Mind Control

Universal Mind Control: some pop, some rock, some move robotic, we hustle for mathematics. "(Cancellation C+(-)=G being first letter G. (-)= 60°GOQC G=0 Q=C+(-)=G O, Q, C = G in this order of the knowledge techniques formation mathematically processed subconscious structure assassination." -RAMMΣLLZΣΣ, 1979

Meghan "Megatron" Trainor (Captain): The once and future cyborg. Member of the Mystic Daughters of Pugetopolis. Currently building abstract neuroprosthetics.

Loretta Lynn: Too much metal for one hand.

Sarah Bellum: Firewalker. Spoonbender. That light which breaks yonder window. The wolf who stalks between. The unveiled eye. Burning like a library on fire.