2012 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

Syntax and the Semantics

Syntax and the Semantics is not a team of four telekinetic powerhouses. In reality, the members are actually the result of the division of a highly intelligent, and remarkably flammable mountain goat which was struck by lightning. The moment prior to combustion Alfred P. (Percival) Winthrup, Lord of all mountain goats and head of the Canton knitting club discovered his telekinetic powers (in addition to coming to terms with some rather heavy issues with his uncle, however that's another story.) Upon discovery knowing his time in his mortal form was rapidly coming to an end he imbued his powers into Winthrup Mountain with a massive force of will. As the crack of lightning struck into him the mountain crashed and roared tearing into pieces. The mountain split four ways and melted and reformed then melted again as time and space passed by in an eternity and an instant. At last the roaring and tumbling came to a halt, and what remained in the black abyss that ripped through the fabric of reality were the four members of Syntax and the Semantics. Sojourners desiring nothing more than causing wax to melt on the right side of a board.

Joseph N. Becker technically has little mental prowess for telekinesis, in fact he has none. However, those with such powers who infiltrate his mind find it to be a brick labyrinth full of un-ending paradoxes and absurdities. While the other team is probing for weaknesses in our team they become trapped in the spiders web which is Joe's mind distracted and trapped in the strangeness leaving the rest of the team to melt wax freely.

Laura Matherly enjoys cheese, live music, and comedic timing. On a given weekend, one might find her developing her skills in psychokinesis. She lists Matilda among her most influential telekinetic figures.

Khader Welaye is a tech junkie jack of all trades, and strengthens his telekineses abilities using the Nintendo 64. This teaches patience, understanding, and most of all, bad game programming. If you have the mental stamina to look past those things, then the world is your oyster.

Elyssa Grant frequently finds herself sensing unforeseen forces and practicing mind-bending with her Canadian strategies. Her inner peace trumps all else, as she will always remember the wise words of Buddha: The mind is everything. What you think you become.