2012 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

Seattle Skeptics

We are a local social organization advocating science, science education and critical thinking. We are skeptical claims of the paranormal and of pseudoscience. Our contention is that we have as much chance as winning this competition as any of the other team entered.

Paul D Disney: My name is Paul D Disney, and I am a 26 year old Seattle resident, formerly from Colorado and Montana. I studied architecture in college, and spent a number of years designing apartment buildings, schools, and mental health facilities at architecture firms around Seattle and Tacoma. I am now a 3D CAD specialist at a Mechanical/Electrical Engineering Firm, where I assist engineers in developing new drafting tools and techniques. My hobbies include science, electronics, nerdy things, and composing electronic music for independent films and video games.

Jeffrey Weston: I have been studying Quantumn Mechanics and quantum entanglement for some time now. Particularly how it can occur in the mind and how that energy can be harnessed with incredible powerful results. Quantumn Mind over Matter. My current life started when I was born to Canadian parents in the upper hemisphere. I have used my mind powers to acquire a degree in Computer Science and also use my tuned sense of self to learn how to draw the material world. Currently my temporal self is located in Seattle, WA USA.

Jonathan Christian: I am a downtown Seattle resident and assistant organizer for the Seattle Skeptics. I make absolutely no claims of processing any special abilities outside of the general consensus of modern science.