2012 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

Team Single Syllable Incantation

(Translated): Our plan is to apply our Single Syllable Incantations, and the powers of Dog Wish Rays to control the candle flame. All three of us have well established records repelling threats with Single Syllable Incantations. And of course, we are all experts at the use of Dog Wish Rays.

(Original for native speakers of Dog): Woof Woof Yip Yip wag nuzzle pant scratch yip woof wooooon Woof WOOF yipyipyipyipyipyip sniff sniff pant wag-wag-wag

Beckwith's Minor White - aka - Kodak - Shown returning from Bear Patrol A high level Adept of The Dog Powers, with a 100% success rate at predicting when friends will emerge from their vehicles, AND a 100% success rate at repelling invasions by Bears, Cougars, and Delivery People, all using only Single Syllable Incantations, Kodak is well suited to the contest. Kodak's education is largely self directed and includes swimming in many different kinds of muddy water, and rolling a variety of deceased animals.

Madness - aka - Maddi - Shown compelling chew toys to decamp from their box and come join her. Utter master of detection of all Things of Importance regardless of wrapping or containment in plastic, paper, wood, or steel, and equally masterful at applying the Dog Wish Ray to compel Things of Importance to leave their containers and become available. Maddi's education includes running, digging in many different soils and substances, and vast direct experience with the disassembly of household objects, particularly including vacuum cleaners and furniture.

Silly Circles Riley - aka - Riley - Shown repelling a bird attack. A recent convert to the use of the Single Syllable Incarnation, has gone 27 for 27 in dissuading large and very dangerous birds AND airplanes from crashing through windows and walls and besetting the occupants of the dwelling. Riley has long been a student of inter-universe transfer, which he applies to allow himself an infinite supply of urine with which to urinate upon every blade of grass he encounters. Riley's education has included time practicing the application of Dog Wish Rays to people in bars and at parks.