2012 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles


xXxMyndKontrollxXx is a conjunction of animalistic intelligence and ill-intent and it has recognized a despicable opportunity in the World Telekinesis Competition. Their uncanny tri-ability to direct molten wax is just the surface of a dark ocean of awesome power, the horror of which has been experienced by too many. What few survivors remain are in no shape to recount the tale but competitors would be wise to be wary.

Jemima Da-Vanzquisczky, known simply as '*Jemedah*' (whispered) is the last remaining descendent of the ancient elf warrior Eltorp Da-Vanzquisczky. Cast out by her elders due to a rare mutation that gave her incredibly sensitive yet 'vile' human-like ears, she was raised by wild spaniels in Wyydkniss, a troll-infested and as-yet undiscovered forest in England. Thanks to her elvish heritage and many years of training by her canine companions, she is now able to hear quiet thoughts across vast distances and sense the arrival of postmen and pizza deliveries.

*ChomChom* is highly experienced in using his *toxoplasma gandii* to manipulate humans to do his bidding. Now that he has weaponized the parasite and discovered a method for transmitting it over long distances, he will unleash its terrible force on the wax and opposing teams. He is a grey and white cat of indistinct age who enjoys climbing in the ceiling and eating, but do not be deceived: his power is magnificent.

*Florida*'s mind has been infiltrated by the cat parasite and has mutated into a well-tuned transmitter for ChomChom's evil deeds. Prior to her automation, she was skilled in the art of manifestation, among other occult practices. Her feline puppeteer will surely invoke this latent capability, perhaps to materialize certain nefarious particles abroad...