2012 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

The Mind Meadow

The Mind Meadow will be taking a relaxed approach to this year's competition. Through backyard lounging and copious consumption of ice cream, they will attempt to emit wave after wave of heavy yet simple influence over the game board.

Steve deBruyn AKA Phonecard AKA Dunsty Mcpants: Team captain and founder, for the last 12 years Steve has been attempting to exploit his latent precognitive and telekinetic powers for fame and financial gain. A long running campaign to influence celebrity Lindsay Lohan to fall in love with him through the remote implantation of ideas has had moments of promise but so far remains unfruitful. His predictions of insignificant events have failed to have any marketable value but remain a novelty. He was once able to partially undent his car by staring at it from his front porch and one of his most remarkable powers is his ability to turn an ordinary Canadian potato chip into an ordinary British potato crisp.

Isabella Marlene Astrid Rowley-deBruyn AKA Glimmer: An aspiring hypnotist, Isabella's struggle to maintain control over her inherited psi powers has benefited from her discipline and steady devotion to maintaining a clear and focused mind in any situation. She also enjoys crochet and amateur archery.

Hunny AKA Skitty-Kitty AKA The Hunner: Since losing her front claws to corporate fat cats at an early age, Hunny has been honing her powers of scratchiness on furniture and other symbols of human comfort through sheer will of her tiny cat mind. She serves double duty as teammate and mascot for the mind meadow..