2012 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

Manzana Rojo

We are interested...we think you already know that!

Yoko Shimada is an multidisciplinary artist working in drawing and voice. She is a talented amateur psychic with ancestral lines back to the Mayan King, "Double Comb". Relying on the aid of her many spirit animals, she is able to harness energy from her relationship with a direct line of Mayan Shamans.

Wren Katzalay is an artist and ghost magnet. As a child she could often be found playing with her, "imaginary friends" and was a child prodigy in levitating. She comes from a long line of Ukrainian healers and is a shape-shifter and practising witch. She always knows when the telephone is about to ring!

Kiwi Katz, While highly unmotivated and a pacifist by nature, is able, by tapping into his feline telepathic abilities, to make food appear at will.