2012 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

A Pack of Lone Wolves

Myth: Wolves live in packs or families.

FACT: A "pack" or "family" of wolves is nothing more than an alliance of convenience. We have formed such an alliance to circumvent the minimum three-team-member requirement of this human competition.

Myth: Wolves have supernatural powers.

FACT: Understatement. ALL wolves possess ALL superpowers. However, some wolves have specialties, see our bios for more info.

Myth: Wolves are carnivores.

FACT: Wolves are solar powered. See http://www.eatthesunmovie.com for more info.

Myth: Robert Frost, in his old age, lied to his grandkids, telling them he took one path instead of the other because it looked like the road less travelled, and that he was a pretty adventurous kid.

FACT: Frost thought he saw a wolf.

Conor Wild: As a human child, Conor was isolated from human contact from a very young age. As a result, he has no (or little) experience of human care, loving or social behavior, and, crucially, of human language. Legends say that he was brought up by animals, from whom he learned the secrets of telepathic communication.

David Watson: A fully vetted, amateur professional mystic teacher, author and couples intimacy councillor. The telekinetic power he wields is not his own. Rather, it is manifest through an empathic link with the ancient warrior spirit named Mahicgye-vherr. Over the past 7 years this union has strengthened, increasing David's ability to employ the full telekinetic power Mahicgye-vherr has to offer. This union reached its zenith just 2 short months ago. This was joyous news for the A Pack of Lone Wolves as they do not wish a repeat of last years WTC un-ascendancy...

Steve Bragg:

Lone wolves together
An oxymoron, I know
But it's funny, right?

I like to play with candles
It's fine, I'm adult

Screwing with nature
It works, I have a permit
Moving with my mind