2012 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

London United Psychic Club

London United Psychic Club has had a potted history. On 4 June 2005, at the 2004 [sic] Psychic Athletic Federation's "Fans' Parliament" (AGM), the LUPC fan club demonstrated its less controllable side when it stormed the opposing fans' bleachers and caused a riot in which 8 people were killed. The result was three years of being banned from international competition (with the exception of the WTC, which is notoriously lax in its application of anything that might be called an ethical code), and a reconsideration of its position with regard to the international mentalist circuit. The team decided on drastic measures, and soon after released their 'Declaration of the Transmigration of Competitors' Souls' which saw all members of the team take on new bodies.

Christian Kuras (no relation) is the team's defensive all-back, his strengths being telekinetic deflection, opiating hand movements, and a general reluctance to come to any point in conversation.

Sam Jaynes is a relative novice, having only recently been signed to the club as a star offensive forward. She specialises in radical limbic rearangement and has diplomatic immunity in North America.

Ben Tanner has only the shakiest of holds on his current body, and while this is not conducive to a long-term relationships, he is very effective at dislodging his opponents' from their psychic bastions. He has four mouths distributed around his host body, a mistake that resulted from a "slightly botched" transmigration of soul in 2006.