2012 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

The Ladies' Invitational Deadbeat Society

The Ladies' Invitational Deadbeat Society (LIDS) was founded in 2006 as a closely-knit affiliation of then-unemployed cultural workers, bustin' ass within Alberta artist-run culture. Since then, LIDS has realized a number of performative n' craft projects in a few galleries, and has spawned a number of other groups including: the Lazy Ladies' Subcommittee, RCMP Radical Cooch Maximum Pussy, and The Easy-Town Super Hoz. Notable group achievements include the prestigious Silken Bathrobe of Valour Award for Outstanding Procrastination. LIDS members have held positions as board and staff of several Canadian artist-run organizations, exhibited their own work, published and lectured throughout Canada and the world, but future endeavors include bummin', and nothing too serious.

LIDS's approach to telekinetic activity draws upon strategies of feminist collaboration, creative visualization, homeopathy, intense short-term cohabitation as a means to synch and augment psychic powers, and the contemplation of counter-productivity as a site of resistance.


Anthea Black, Treasurer

Nicole Burisch, Treasurer

Wednesday Lupypciw, Treasurer