2012 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

Brainal Leakage Dynasty

Practicing telekinesis can be a dirty business. Un-trained, the powers of the brain can seep out and cause untold damage to the telekinetic individual and the elements around them. This paranormal brain leakage seeks to undulate & re-arrange the patterns of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Wood. Using ancient techniques of paranormal kung-fu, team Brainal Leakage Dynasty accepts the challenge of the WTC and will not explain itself or bring any mops.

Emily the tech: I like soup for lunch and rockin' out to punk records. I dislike mops. They sense my telekinetic powers and stay the heck away. I know kung-fu.

Tony Martin: I live in a co-housing complex in Courtenay; there aren't that many of us in N. America. Most artists live in poverty and have romantic studios with high ceilings, north facing windows and view of chimney pots. My studio has a small window and view of a forest and neighbour's backyards. If Picasso lived in co-housing he would be evicted for being too self centered and promiscuous; I will probably be evicted for being too self centered. The day this was written I was wearing odd shoes. That's what co-housing does for you.

Anh Le: While training for this competition, I encountered the un-spoken dangers and anxieties of telekinesis. I can't talk about them. This is a messy business. The forces of paranormality dictate that I keep 7 pairs of rubber gloves and 43 sets of safety glasses at my residence. Just in case.