2012 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

B.E.NT. = (brain elevating neurotransmissions)

B.E.N.T. is a triad of like minded individuals who spend most of their time seeking in some form to change the nature of how they navigate in contemporary society. As we do not yet understand our future we are all in a quagmire of uncertainty. The World Telekinesis Competition is definitely dabbling in the uncertain and B.E.NT. is well prepared for the challenge.

Mary Patterson is a self-taught ceramic tile mosaicist and a European trained chef. Her portfolio includes work for both private and corporate clients. She has also worked as a commercial tile setter and has forayed into the field of welded metal sculpture. Mary’s recently published “SPECIAL COOKBOOK” is a selling better than hotcakes. Mary is a member of the arts collaborative DEPLETED URANIUM.

Shawn Shepherd is primarily self-taught with an informal education sourced from local artists, books and travels to art museums in France, Italy, Mexico, and the USA. Shawn is a multimedia artist whose work investigates aspects of popular culture such as human identity and information trends. Shawn currently works and resides in Victoria, BC.

J Mclaughlin is a graduate of Emily Carr Institute of Art& Design. She holds her own on any stage as a performer, singer, & caberet queen. J has been exhibiting her retro-future, post-postmodern island city style paintings since the early nineties.