2012 World Telekinesis Competition

Team Profiles

Team Arcaenea Balistica

Through years of focused and concentrated study of the astrological, arcane, occult, alchemical and hermitic arts and traditions, Arcaenea Balistica has been anticipating and practicing for this competition since their births. Coupling demonic magic with an invested knowledge in wax and candle making, Arcaenea Balistica aims to make it rain (wax droplets) and melt candles and burn wicks like we don’t have electric lights.

James Gordenisti is the reincarnated secret (until now) student of the once-great, now dead, Bruno. James is an amateur magician, alchemist, and a pupil of the great ancient memory system. He is known within certain circles to have a great cape collection.

Ryan Claytoner has been known to fight wolves but he cannot fight more than nine. Mr. Claytoner has been making herbal tinctures using 20th century techniques to solve 21st century problems since 1986.

Miles Zarius-Xenas: As the eldest member by a good 400 years, Zarius-Xenas is surprisingly considerably less experienced than his counterparts. The long years of his life have ravished his mind and left all knowledge once gained long erased. He has, however, kept his natural psychic abilities, the very same gift that granted him his longevity and made him unstoppable has destroyed him.